Skim Coating & Plastering in Chicago, IL

If you’re looking for skim coating, plastering, or similar services in or around Chicago, IL, look no further than the experts at Bosco Plastering, Inc. For over 38 years, Bosco Plastering, Inc has provided Chicago’s homeowners and businesses with superior plastering services — including our popular skim coating services.

We’re still providing the same steady, expert hand of experience on every job we do — with every job, you receive personal attention from our owner-operator for the majority of the project, if not the whole of the project. We strive to provide Cook County residents with the best possible plasterwork, and we are ready to pristinely plaster your walls as well.  

Our plasterwork and skim coating can improve the value of your property, waterproofing your walls and extending the life of your ceiling. In addition, we can install drywall beneath it for a full-service experience. We promise to do our jobs plastering your property right the first time, every time.

What Is Skim Coating?

A happy compromise between a three-coat plaster and a simple tape-down and coat of the seams between wallboards — skim coating is the simple process of applying one layer of plaster that is 1/8 of an inch thick to the wallboards.

This application is ideal for homeowners and business owners whose walls are unlikely to see heavy wear and tear, and those with a limited budget looking to cut costs. A skim coating of plaster can also be primed and painted to any color you wish, which makes it ideal for those who wish to save money without sacrificing an aesthetically pleasing room inside your home or business.

To get our experienced team to work skim-coating your walls, email, call us at (773) 544-5316, or reach out online to request a free estimate on your skim coating or plasterwork job.